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Andrew Barry, Despite the company's troubles, the Prudential IPO looks like a solid deal for investors  (Adobe Acrobat Required)

Michael M. Bowden, Gold Digger or Good Wife?

Charitable Gift Planning News, CRT That Fails to Make Distributions is Not a CRT

Jonathan Clements, Long Term Investors Welcome the Bear

Jonathan Clements, Playing the Right Retirement Cards

James L. Dam, How Estate Planning Is Changed by the New Tax Law

James L. Dam, Lawyers Struggling With Estate Plans as Congress Mulls Change

James L. Dam, Real Estate Lawyers Can Do More Tax-Free Exchanges

James L. Dam, IRS Okays Huge IRA Tax Savings

Diana Digges, Former Hostage Terry Anderson Wins $341 Million Against Iran

Julie Edgar, Fewer opting for Michigan nursing homes

Estate Tax Repeal Opponents: "The Battle Isn't Over Yet"

Suzanne Fields, The fortunate old folks at home, Stock Trends

Frederick P. Gabriel, Jr., Surging ETFs take a bite out of mutual fund flows Growth rate unmatched by any other product

Jon J. Gallo, The Effect of the Secondary Market in Life Insurance on Estate Planning

Joseph F. Gelband, The Gifted Child

John P. Huggard, Exploiting the VA Tax Edge

David Cay Johnston, Coping With a Tax That Has Nine Lives

Charles W. Kadlec, Theory vs. Reality

Steve Leimberg, IRS Notice 20001 - 10     Major Equity Split Dollar Notice!!!

Neil MacFarquhar, In Saudi Arabia, Ruling Class to Working Class

Jerry Moskal, Estate of Kelly Services' founder fights IRS ruling

Elizabeth Reed Smith, Not Just for the Birds: Timber Is a Commodity for the Long Run

Joseph Stenken, The Twists And Turns Of S Corporation ESOPs

Jim McTague, Tax Cut Could Boost Long-Term-Care Policies

Renaissance, Inc., CRT Sales Idea #3: Corporate Redemption  (Requires Acrobat Reader)

Richard Thaler, “Behavioral finance just entertains the possibility that some ...”

Ron Winslow, One Patient, 34 Days in the Hospital

Steven Yates, The Dangers of Growing Up Comfortable

Top Ten Verdicts of 2000



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