Beyond Death and Taxes


Someone once said that a book is worth a thousand pictures. If so, the book 'Beyond Death and Taxes' certainly qualifies.

The book's author details how most wealthy Americans at time of death unfortunately end up becoming 'involuntary' philanthropists. Meaning, they lose control over where and how 50% of their wealth will be used. These are dollars, by the way, that their family cannot keep because of Federal Estate and Gift Taxes. In these instances, over 50% of their wealth ends up being taxed and spent in ways they would not wish. These dollars are quickly spent and forgotten because they were not aware of all their options.

The book's author calls these dollars that a family must give up due to Federal Estate Taxation its 'Social Capital' and describes 'how' to gain control over 'where' these dollars get spent at the time of death of both husband and wife. Gaining control over 'how' one's social capital is spent does not take away from one's heirs in any way.

The thousand pictures could well be the many lives throughout society touched by those that determine to use their social capital for causes that reflect their philosophical views. You have a choice but if you fail to exercise your choice the government stands ready to make their choice. Call us to discuss how the vision in Greg's book can work for you.