Life Insurance News



An Historical Analysis of the Tontine Principal

Harvard Law Review – Keeton 1970 – Insurance Law Rights at Variance with Policy Provisions

The Incontestable Clause – L. M. Villaronga

The Suicide Case – James L. Nolan





2003 Insurance Tax Year in Review: Part I -- Federal Tax Matters - by Richard J. Burness, Gregory L. Stephenson, and J. Howard Stecker


2003 Insurance Tax Year in Review: Part II - Product Tax Matters - by Frederic J. Gelfond


2003 Insurance Tax Year in Review: Part III - State and Local Tax Matters - by Richard J. Burness and Rick Carlson


2003 Insurance Tax Year in Review: Part IV -- International Tax Issues - by Diana Chapman, Jim Cohen, Mary Gillmarten, and Richard Safranek


2005 Insurance Tax Year Review: Part I -- Federal Tax Matters


A—Definition Of "Life Insurance" For Income Tax Purposes


A—Rights Of Creditors In Insurance


B—Digests Of Insurance Exemption Laws


B1—Taxation Of Proceeds Payable At Death


C—Taxation Of Proceeds Payable During Life


C—UL And VUL—Tax Advantaged Asset Accumulation


D—Gain Or Loss On Surrender Or Sale


E—Non-Taxable 1035 Exchange Of Contracts


F—Tax Treatment Of Premium Payments


G—Tax Treatment Of Policy Loan Interest


AALU and NAIFA Urge Revision of Proposed Split-Dollar Regs


ACLI Urges Changes in Proposed Welfare Benefit Fund Regs


AICPA Letter Suggests Changes to Proposed Split-Dollar Regulations


A TV Show Exploits a Craze and Aids Charitable Causes


A Win-Win Option for Charity and Tax Policy


Act 218 of 1956 Life Insurance Code


The Adequacy of Life Insurance Coverage in U.S. Households


Americans' Life Expectancy Rose to Record High in 2003


Amounts Received As An Annuity


Annuities and Individual Welfare


Insured Annuity


Can Life Insurance Be Used To Hedge Payout Annuities


Annuity Swap is Tax-Free


Annuity Tables




Are Life Insurance Company Downgrades on the Rise?


Attorney Points Out Inconsistencies in Split-Dollar Regs


Backdating State Limitations


Bankers Association Says Definition of Trust Income Conflicts With State Law


Bankers Quarterly BOLI in the Community Bank


Cancellation Of Policy Subject To Loan Can Generate Taxable Income


Cash Surrender Value Is Includable in Income – Jensen v Commissioner of Internal Revenue


Darlene Chandler - IRS Considers Trust A `Natural Person' For Annuity Purposes


Charities Look to Benefit from New Twist on Life Insurance


Charitable Giving 2003: Big and Small


Chief Counsel Advice Clarifies Deductibility of Health Insurance Premiums for Self-Employed Individuals Under I.R.C. §162(l)


Combining Life Insurance and Annuity Policies to Create a Financial Engine for a Nongrantor CLAT


Congressional Gifts


Consultant Comments on Proposed Employee Benefit Plan Regs – Russell J. Mueller


Congress Moves To Crack Down On Investor-Owned Life Insurance


Cox Bill Would Let Individuals Deduct Health Care Costs


Albert B. Crenshaw, Certain Life Insurance Policies Benefit Some More Than Others


Collateral Opportunities and the Secondary Market


Credit Protection and Life Insurance – January 2006


Creditor Protection for Life Insurance and Annuities


Defend Insurable Interest – Or Else


Definition Of "Life Insurance" For Income Tax Purposes


Delaware Court of Chancery Again Dismisses Wal-Mart


DOL Ruling on Life Insurance and Qualified Plans


Duhaime vs. John Hancock – US Court of Appeals


Writer Criticizes Proposed Regs on Split-Dollar Life Insurance Plans – John Peluso


Writer Criticizes Proposed Regs on Split-Dollar Life Insurance Plans – Edward Marron and Christina Simonte


Definition Of "Life Insurance" For Income Tax Purposes


Exceptions Take a Toll on Preferred Life Underwriting, Swiss Re Finds


Executive Brief Premium Finance Plus


Executive Brief Life Settlements


Executive Brief Settlement with a Paid Up Policy


Ever Cheaper: Getting a Deal On Your Term Life Insurance - By KAREN DAMATO - February 21, 2007


Federal jury in Las Vegas awards $11.6 million in insurance lawsuit


At Last: The Final Regulations Governing Valuation of Life Insurance Policies in Qualified Plans (CC 05-31)


Financial Strength of Life-Health Insurance Companies – Insurance Forum Sept. 2003


Financial Strength of Insurance Companies – Insurance Forum Sept. 2004


For Charities, a New Twist in Raising Money: Corporate Investors in Life-Insurance Policies


`Free' Life Insurance: Risks and Costs of Non-Recourse Premium Financing


Funded Credit Shelter Trusts as Potential Purchasers of Life Insurance


General Explanations of the Administration’s Fiscal Year 2006 Revenue Proposals


Giving Your All


Grassley Introduces Bill to Target Abuse of Life Insurance Contracts by Exempt Orgs


HELVERING v. LE GIERSE, Cite as 25 AFTR 1181 (61 S.Ct. 646), 03/03/1941 , Code Sec(s)


How Long Will Traditional Life Products Hold Their Appeal?


How to Tax Some Insurer’s Shares


Income Tax Aspects of Buy-Sell Planning Using Life Insurance


Industry Says There Is No Authority To Limit Split-Dollar Tax Status


Innovative Planning With `No Lapse Guarantee' Life Insurance


Inside MassMutual Scandal, An Angry Wife Sparked Probes


Insurable Interest


Conrad-Smith-Keating Letter – State Expansion of Insurable Interest


Insurance Departments


Insurance Forum 2005 Ratings Issue


Insurance Commissioners Sue Vatican Over Frankel


The Insurance Funded Family Bank


Insurance Programs Are Not All Alike


Insights & Strategies 9-02 Income and Gift Tax Planning


The Insurable Interest Requirement for Life Insurance: Recent Developments


Insurable Interest Rules for Charities—What’s it all about?


Insurance Forum – Secondary Guarantees, Marketers, Actuaries, Regulators and a Potential Disaster for the Life Insurance Business


Insurance Industry Targets Seniors


Insurance Plans of Top Executives Are in Jeopardy


Insurance Salesman Denied Deductions


Interest Credit Rating Change


Intra-Family Tax-Deferred Transactions Combined with a VUL Policy


IRS Issues Formal Guidance on Investor Control for Variable Contracts


IRS Issues Proposed Regs on Split-Dollar Life Insurance


IRS Rejects Crummey Powers for Charitable Beneficiaries of Irrevocable Trust (CC 03-26)


IRS Revokes Adverse Ruling on Contributions of Life Insurance


IRS Schedules Hearing on Proposed MRD Regs for Annuity Contracts


Is it for You or Your Family?


Japan Passes Law Allowing Life Insurers to Cut Payouts


Japanese Insurers - Ready for the next tsunami?


David Cay. Johnston, Insurance Loophole Helps Rich


Seymour Goldberg Advisory Opinion on PTE 92-5


Larger Than Life – Bloomberg


Late in Life, Finding a Bonanza in Life Insurance


Leaky Shelters


Lehman Brothers – Everybody, Not Just MET, Shaving Tables


The Liberation of Life Insurance - WSJ


Steve Leimberg, PLR 200244023 – Using Annuity to Preserve Stretchout for Retirement Benefits


Steve Leimberg  Now Back To Tuka And Disability Income Rules


Steve Leimberg, REG-164754-01 Split-Dollar Life Insurance Arrangements


Steve Leimberg, Rev. Rulings 2003-91 and 92 - Private Placement Variable Life


Steve Leimberg, Rev. Rul 2005-40 - Risk Shifting and Risk Sharing Essential for Favorable Tax Treatment of Insurance


Steve Leimberg   Split Dollar Proposed Regs – Take II


Steve Laimberg  Split Dollar Regs Part I


Life Insurance Industry Responds to Advisory Panel’s Federal Tax Reform Options


Life-Insurance Premiums to Drop Again Next Year – WSJ 10/12/05


Life Insurance Products


Life Insurance Fact Book 2005


Life Insurance on the Move: Cross-Border Tax Implications and Opportunities for Canadian and U.S. Policyholders


Life Insurance: The Only Guaranteed Key to Success in Wealth Transfer Tax Planning


Life Insurance Transactions as Unrelated Business Taxable Income


Life Insurance Without an 'Insurable Interest'


Life Insurer’s Face A Profit Squeeze


Life Insurers Raise Coverage Limits


Life Insurers Charge Consumers More For Splitting Up Premiums


LTR 200314009  Scrivener's Error Won't Cause Trust's Inclusion In Estate


LTR 200247006  Policy Transfers Between Couple's Trusts Are Disregarded For Tax Purposes


LTR 200240052  Deferred Annuity Plan's Investments Not Disqualified By "Blended" Returns


LTR 200243047  Annuity Swap Is Tax-Free


LTR 9604001 Split-Dollar Arrangement Results In Current Income To Insured


LTR 9636033 Payments Under Private Split-Dollar Arrangement Are Not Gifts


Manulife  Bush Administration Releases Proposed Budget, Tax Plan


MassMutual Urges Modifications to Proposed SDLI Regs


MassMutual Agrees to Settle Suits for More Than $130M




MEC  Endowment Contract (MEC) Rules


MEC  Tax Implications


MetLife Near Deal for Citigroup Unit


Michigan Insurance Code of 1956


Missouri Agency Sues KPMG For Role in Collapse of Insurer


Moody’s - Moody’s 2003 Review and 2004 Outlook for the U.S. Financial Guaranty Industry


Moody’s – Moody’s Credit Policy


Moody’s – Non-Participating Rated Issuers


Moody’s – The Effectiveness of Credit Ratings as Indicators of Relative Industry Default Risk


Moody’s - U.S. Life Industry Exposure to Parmalat Is Manageable, But AFLAC Had Surprisingly Large Position


Moody’s - Moody's Views on Current Conditions in the US Life Insurance Industry


Moody’s - Liquidity Risk Assessment: Manufacturers Life Insurance Company


Moody’s - Moody’s Liquidity Model for U.S. Life Insurance Companies Model Revisions and Results: Year-end 2002 Data


Moody’s - Default & Recovery Rates of Corporate Bond Issuers A Statistical Review of Moody's Ratings Performance, 1920-2003


Moody’s - Rating Transitions and Defaults Conditional on Watchlist, Outlook and Rating History


Moody’s - Investors’ Public Access to Information in the US Life Insurance Industry


Moody’s - The Performance of Moody's Corporate Bond Ratings: March 2004 Quarterly Update


Moody’s - Moody’s Global Insurance Risk Monitor Spring 2004


Moody’s - French Life Insurance


Moody’s - The Effects of Aging on Public Sector Pensions and Healthcare Systems: A Rating Agency Perspective


Moody’s - Financial Guarantors Pursue Modest Diversification Outside Core Business


Moody’s - Chinese Life Insurance Industry Outlook


Moody’s - Moody’s Portfolio Risk Model Results Update


Moody’s - Lloyd's of London: Improved Policyholder Security and Enhanced Management Processes


Moody’s - UK Life Insurance


Moody’s - Beware of What You Price For: Credit Implications of UL Secondary Guarantees for U.S. Life Insurers


Moody’s - Credit Issues and Trends for US Life Insurance


Moody’s - Rating Triggers in the Financial Guaranty Industry: 2004 Update


Moody’s - Update: Rating Triggers in the U.S. Life Insurance Industry In 2004


Moody’s – Insurance Company Ratings


Mortality Swaps And Tax Arbitrage In The Canadian Insurance And Annuity Markets


Mortality Data Becoming More Critical - by Jim Connolly


Naic Viatical Settlements Model Act


NALU - Insurable Interest Concerns Mobilize Industry Groups


NALU - Securitization Of Life Settlements: A Pivotal Phase In The Product Life Cycle


NALU - Insurable Interest On NCOIL Agenda


NALU - Insurance Patents Invite Disruption


NALU - IRS Limits Use Of Life Hedge Fund Wrappers


NALU - A Better Fit Needed For Life Sales In Banks


NALU - Will Insurable Interest Case Be Sea Change Or Mere Ripple? Estate planning could be altered in many states


NASD Chairman Eyes Secondary Life Market


National Underwriter – The Life and Health Rankings Are Back!


National Underwriter – Full Disclosure’s Universal Life Report


New Federal Appellate Court Ruling Holds That Viatical Settlement Interests Are Investment Contracts, Requiring SEC Regulation (CC 05-18)


New Insurance Opportunities in Corporate Planned Giving (CC 06-09)


New Insurance Opportunities in Corporate Planned Giving Part I (CC 06-09)


The New IRS Guidance on Life Insurance Valuation: Implications for Pension Rescue (CC 04-07)


New York Insurance Department Disapproves Securitization Scheme for Lack of Insurable Interest (CC 04-11)


New York Insurance Department Invalidates SOLI Scheme (CC 06-04)


New York Insurance Dept opinion letter on insurable interest on SOLI


News Analysis: The Thin End of the Wedge on Deferred Compensation


Newsletter, Benefit-News #280-4, July 23, 2002, IRS clarifies welfare fund "10-or-more" employer plan rule


Newsletter, Benefit-News #280-5, July 23, 2002, IRS proposes split-dollar life insurance regs


Notice 2001-10 IRS Announces Interim Guidance For Equity Split-Dollar Life Insurance Arrangements


Table 2001


Notice 2002-8 Section 7872 -- Below-Market-Rate Loans


Notice 2002-8 Sec. 7872 Treatment of loans with below-market interest rates


Notice 2002-45 2002-28 I.R.B. 93 IRS Provides Rules On Health Reimbursement Arrangements


Old Line Life Insurance Dispute


Partial Exchange Annuity Transaction is Tax-Free


Planning and Investing With Private Placement Life Insurance


PA to end 20-year control of insurer


Patented Tax Shelter - WSJ


PLR 200120007 Gives Boost to Estate Planning with Life Insurance


PLR Finds Life Insurance Trusts Not Sufficiently Interrelated to be Reciprocal Trusts (CC 04-28)


PLR Highlights Application Of Transfer For Value Rule to Grantor Trust to Grantor Trust Transfer


Potential Capital Gain Treatment on the Sale of a Life Insurance Policy Under the Internal Revenue Code


Principal Life Implemented Changes to Universal Life Protector - EPP


Protected for Life: New Policies Cover Economic Downturn – WSJ




Recognizing Life Insurance's Value – WSJ 5-31-05


Regs Target Use of Annuity Contracts, Life Insurance as Tax Avoidance Vehicles


Reinsurers Brace for ‘Triggers’ – WSJ Oct. 2004


Reinsurance Accounting Has Fresh Anomaly


Rev. Rul. 2002-75: Assignment Of Annuity Contract For Consolidation Is Tax-Free Exchange


Rev. Rul. 2003-91  Section 61 Gross Income Defined


Rev. Rul. 2003-92  Section 61 Gross Income Defined


Rev. Rul. 55-747 1955-2 C.B. 228


Rev. Rul. 64-328 1964-2 C.B. 11


Rev. Rul. 66-110 1966-1 C.B. 12


Rev. Rul. 67-154 1967-1 C.B. 11


Rev. Rul. 78-420 1978-2 C.B. 67


Rights Of Creditors In Insurance—Rationale For The Insurance Exemption (CC 03-14)


Ruling clouds status of insurance trusts


S 993 IS - To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to impose an excise tax on amounts received under certain insurance policies in which certain exempt organizations hold an interest. (Introduced in Senate)


U.S. Sales of Offshore Insurance to Foreigners Streamlined But Issues Remain


Sarbanes-Oxley Won't Affect IRS Approach to Split-Dollar Rules, Says Treasury Official


Sarbanes-Oxley Won't Effect IRS Approach to Split-Dollar Rules, Says Treasury Official (short)


Ellen E Schultz & Theo Francis, How Life Insurance Morphed Into A Corporate Finance Tool


SEC Eases Life Broker-Dealer Control Rule


SEC wins round in viatical inquiry


Sec. 61. Gross income defined


Sec. 83 Property transferred in connection with performance of services


Section 7872 Treatment of loans with below-market interest rates


Sec. 1.79-3 - Determination of amount equal to cost of group-term life insurance


Selecting the Beneficiary of a Life Insurance Policy


Senators Urge Caution in Formulating Charity Reforms


Service Issues Guidance on Insurance Premiums Paid by Parent to Subsidiary


Supplemental Proposed Split-Dollar Regs Cover Valuation of Economic Benefit


Excerpts from Joint Committee on Taxation staff's discussion of the nonqualified deferred compensation provision included in Chairman Charles Grassley's (R-IA) mark of the tax bill now being considered by the Senate Finance Committee


Split Dollar   Heckerling Report – Split Dollar Has Split — So How Do We Finance Premiums Now?


Split Dollar   Split-Dollar Regs Contrary to Basic Tax Policy, Say Insurance Reps


Split Dollar   Split-Dollar Proposed Regs (PDF)


Split Dollar   Split-Dollar Reg (PDF)


Split Dollar   Addis v IRS – Contributions to National Heritage Foundation


Split Dollar   Planning for Split-Dollar Under the Latest Prop. Regs.: 20 Questions


Split Dollar   Attorney Recommends Changes to Proposed Regs Affecting Split-Dollar Life Insurance Arrangements


Split Dollar   Summary of Final Split Dollar Regulations


Split Dollar   Steve Leimberg – Final Split Dollar Regs – Part I


Split Dollar   Rev Rul 2003-105 Taxation of Split Dollar Insurance Arrangements


Split Dollar   Split Dollar Reg


Split Dollar   Split Dollar Release 9-11-03


State Digests of Insurance Exemption Laws


Stock Transfer to FLPs Deemed Indirect Gifts Due to Failure to Follow FLP Formalities


Stranger-Owned Life Insurance ("SOLI"): Killing the Goose That Lays Golden Eggs!


Stranger-Owned Life Insurance Free insurance? Found money? A good investment? A scam? What is it anyway?


State of New York Insurance Dept Position


Summary of State Insurable Interest Regulations


Survey Points to Public Blind Eye to Fake Insurance


Swiss Re Life Execs Say Mortality Improvements Not A Sure Thing - by Jim Connolly


Swiss Re Sigma Study: Millions Lack Adequate Life Insurance – Significant Mortality Protection Gaps In Australia, Germany, Italy, Taiwan And The Us


Symmetry in the Concept of Deductible Investment Interest


Tax Curbs Tax Deferral Strategy – WSJ


The Ten Most Common Life Insurance Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


Term Insurance Rates: The Ball Is In The Reinsurer’s Court  [PDF]


The Transfer for Value Tax Trap


The Transfer-For-Value Rule Causing the Loss of Tax-Free Status


Transfers of Life Insurance Policies Between Grantor Trusts Held Not to Violate Transfer for Value Rule


Treasury and IRS Issue Valuation Guidance for Life Insurance, 412(i) and Pension Rescue


Taxation of Trusts Generally


Treasury Works To Stem The Inappropriate Use Of Life Insurance And Annuity Contracts


Universal Life Guarantees FAQs


UL – Beware of What You Price For: Credit Implications of UL Secondary Guarantees for Life Insurers


UnumProvident Hit With $84.5M Verdict


Using a Transactional Analysis to Avoid the Transfer for Value Rule


Using Life Insurance to Reduce the Tax Bite on Retirement Plan Assets at Death


Valuing Life Insurance Policies for Tax Purposes


Vaughn Henry – Charity Oversight and Reform


Washington Report Bulletin on Just Released Economic Benefit Split Dollar Proposed Regs


Wealthy Family Is Suing Lawyer Over Tax Plan


Writer Recommends Changes to Proposed Split-Dollar Regs – Kirk D. Sherman


Writer Submits Suggestions for Proposed Split-Dollar Regs


Writer Suggests Changes to Guidance on Split-Dollar Arrangements





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