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House Adopts Long-Term Care Tax Bill, Expected to Pass Treasury- Postal Spending Plan


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ACLI, Can Aging Baby Boomers Avoid the Nursing Home? (Acrobat Reader Required)

ACLI, Long Term Care Insurance Consumer Tips (Acrobat Reader Required)

ASPE Research News, Estimating Eligibility For Publicly-Financed Home Care: Not A Simple Task...

Annuities: The Key to a Secure Retirement (Acrobat Reader Required)

Survey: Americans Worry About Chronic Illness

Long -Term Care Insurance: An Undiscovered Necessity

Marci Bailey, Long-Term Care Insurance Legwork

Allison Bell, Study Finds That LTC Insurance Keeps Workers Working

Pam Belluck, Nuns Offer Clues to Alzheimer's and Aging

Steven Brostoff, LTC Tax Deduction Bill Cheers Industry

Personal Experience Drives LTC Agents

David Crary, Cameras Mulled for Nursing Homes

Humberto Cruz, Win-Win Health Insurance

John Cutler, Research and Other Development of Interest in Employer Group Long-Term Care Insurance

Ann Davis, New ‘Artificially Impoverished’ Seniors Get Medicaid to Pay for Nursing Homes

Julie Edgar, Geriatric care new phrase for baby boomers

Amy Goldstein, Assisted Living: Helping Hand May Not Be Enough

Amy Goldstein, Assisted Living: Paying The Price

Amy Goldstein, Philosophy of Assisted Living is Social, Not Medical

Joan Gralla, Big Medicaid States Try to Restrain Rising Costs

Seth Hettena, Gene Therapy Used in Alzheimer Case

Kimberly Lankford, Do You Have Enough Long-Term-Care Coverage?

LifePlans, Inc., A Descriptive Analysis of Patterns of Informal and Formal Caregiving among Privately Insured and Non-Privately Insured Disabled Elders Living in the Community Executive Summary

LifePlans, Inc., A Descriptive Analysis of Patterns of Informal and Formal Caregiving among Privately Insured and Non-Privately Insured Disabled Elders Living in the Community Full Report

LIMRA, Accelerated Death Benefits (Acrobat Reader Required)

Long Term Care Insurance: A Choice You Can Afford

Long Term Disability Income Insurance (Acrobat Reader Required)

Long-Term Care Insurance: An Undiscovered Necessity

      Graphs (Acrobat Reader Required)

Laurence McQuillan, Foundation to grant $100M to help 'faith' groups

Janmarie Mulvey and Barbara Stucki, Who Will Pay for the Baby Boomers’ Long Term Care Needs? (Acrobat Reader Required)

News Release, Most Financial Planners are Enthusiastic, But Public Remains Largely Uninformed, New ACLI Long-Term Care Insurance Studies Find

News Release, New Study Forecasts Looming Crisis in Long-Term Care; Government, Industry See Solution in Private Insurance

News Release, Most States Face Long-Term Care Funding Crises as "Baby Boom" Becomes "Senior Boom," ACLI Study Finds

News Release, Study Finds Rising Long-Term Care Costs, Demographics Will Make "Aging in Place" Harder Than Boomers Think

News Release, Long-Term Care Insurance "Crucial" for Federal Workers, Says ACLI

News Release, ACLI Applauds White House Long-Term Care Initiative; Urges Federal Government to Support Private Sector Solutions

News Release, ACLI Praises Rep. Shays, 30 Cosponsors For Resolution Promoting Long-Term Care Insurance Coverage

News Release, ACLI Applauds H.R. 831; New Long-Term Care Bill Is Vital To Americans' Retirement Security

News Release, ACLI Cites Portman-Cardin's H.R. 10 As Critical Pension Reform Legislation; Urges Its Inclusion In Individual Tax Cut Package

Nursing Home Costs in Southeast Michigan

Nursing Home Expenditures

            Graph 1

            Graph 2

            Graph 3

The Lewin Group, A Survey of Employers Offering Group Long-Term Care Insurance to Their Employees

Bob Rosenblatt, Assisted Living: More Like Home

Vicki Smith, Growing Tragedy of Elder Abuse

Claude Thau, Two Little Words Can Spell All The Difference In LTC Contracts

State Trends

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            Graph 2

Timothy A. Waidmann and Kenneth G. Manton,

International Evidence on Disability Trends Among the Elderly, Executive Summary

            International Evidence on Disability Trends Among the Elderly, Full Report

New Poll Reveals Americans Concerns About Living with Chronic Conditions

Ways to Pay for Future Long Term Care

LTC Policy Comparison (Acrobat Reader Required)




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